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Four Founding Pillars of eight+YOU


1. Everyone Deserves happiness

Everyone, no matter where you live, who you are, what you do, what your background or history is, deserves happiness. You deserve to smile. You deserve to laugh and enjoy your life. You deserve to be healthy and well. Everyone deserves sunny days.

2. Honesty

Honesty with yourself about who you are, who you really are. What makes you tick. What drives your motivation? Once you can find the courage to be honest with yourself about your current life, where you want to go and how you are going to get there then you can begin on the path to the life that you deserve. Your happy, balanced life.

3. Forward thinking

There are ALOT of fitness "gurus" that will tell you if you buy this or that or do this 5 minute workout you'll reach every fitness goal you've ever wanted. WRONG. Fitness goals take time, but with the right guidance you'll see those results your craving for soon than you think.

4. We are all in this together

It’s about working every day on yourself. Working to be the best version of yourself that you can be. We, all of us, need to do this every day. It is work, but it is worth it. We will get there together. Smalls steps can lead to enormous long-term changes. Just keep showing up for yourself every day. You are worth the time and effort. And, we promise to show up for you, always.

Intro to Fitness Consulting/Exercise Consulting

What would happen if, before diving into a routine, we figured you out? What if we took the time upfront to find out what made you tick, how best to create goals for your personality, what exercise moves would be most effective for your particular body, mind and goals? What if we did that? Imagine what you could accomplish then!

Fitness Consulting

Need a little guidance with your fitness routine? Wonder why what you’ve done in the past is not getting you the result you want? Let’s do it right this time. Let’s try something completely different. What if we finally made it all about you?

eight+YOU Fitness Consulting is all about you, for you. Through various assessments and questionnaires, we start by learning about you and such things as your fitness goals, physical activity preferences, exercise personality and the best move for you and your body. With this knowledge, a weekly fitness program, unqiue to you, is created. But, that’s not the end.

During Fitness Consulting you have access to your own Personal Fitness Consult who you meet with for weekly check-ins to discuss your program including goal setting and attainment, successes and challenges and any changes needed to make your plan more personalized to you. This is a different way of viewing your life and fitness. A program completely customized to you, for your needs. Let’s give it a go and see what you can accomplish when you are taken into account!

Exercise Consulting

Maybe you’re a people person. Maybe you want to move correctly so that you do not get hurt. Maybe you want to find exercises that provide the most benefit to you in your limited amount of time. Or, maybe you are not getting the results you want. Ok then, let’s exercise together and do some things differently.

How about we try a completely different approach? An approach that is all about you. eight+YOU Exercise Consulting is a personalized exercise experience meeting you where you are right now. From the first session where we learn about your current fitness level, exercise preferences, goals and your vision for the future, eight+YOU Exercise Consulting is customized to you. Additionally, during Exercise Consulting you have access to your own Personal Exercise Consultant, an ally, who you meet with weekly to discuss questions, session feedback, goal setting and any program updates to make your sessions more personalized to you.

Wellness Coaching

Are you ready to create your happy life? Can you envision it now? Who are you in this new life? What are you wearing? Where do you live? What is your profession? What are your relationships with the people that are important to you?

You can create the life you deserve. You can find happiness. Let’s start now.

Let’s try a new approach to your life. An approach that understands that happiness in your life is impacted by your eight interdependent wellness dimensions.
At eight+YOU we start our Wellness Coaching with you, the physical you. We believe that Physical Wellness is the gateway to improving all other aspects of your life. When you are healthy and well, you think clearer, have more confidence, make better decisions, remain calmer in stressful situations, are more open-minded to learning new concepts and are generally more willing to try unique methods to overcome barriers or challenges. These are all qualities you need in order to create your happy, balanced life.

So, let’s start first by getting your mind and body ready for this awesome adventure. Physical Wellness first, everything else will follow.


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